Let me try to summarize all the Dutch writing on this website for  you.

My name is Renate van Klaveren and I am an interior architect. After 15 years of work I was ready for a new route. I have renovated many houses and it could always be bigger, richer ore more complicated. Nice for my ego but when I learned my lessons in life I found out that it was time to change my goals.

No more ego for this lady but a mindful way of living. Where I make your house your home by using colours that make you feel at ease and materials that are soft and cosy where they need to be. No more focal point on the television but creating several places in the house where you really like to be. Every activity or feeling needs another place in the room. Not to show off but to feel good. For you as the customer and for me as the designer.

If you too like this way of thinking than please contact me by phone or email. See the contact page.

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